Drooly McCoy

29 06 2008

Our youngest, Lennon, is a power-drooler.  Today, as we were relaxing in the den, I named him Drooly McCoy. This will not be funny unless you are somewhat familiar with the cast of The Love Boat.  Even then…


Yes, Danny Is A Tool.

27 06 2008

Wow, Danny seems like a real tool...

We got out some of our records – mainly bubblegum stuff – for Noel to look at.  This took some courage.  See, Noel still likes to tear things.  He knows exactly what he’s doing.  He usually looks up innocently and proclaims, “break it!”  Adorable.  Adorable only goes so far.  These are our records.  (Please, now is not the time for a lesson on priorities…)  I can deal with a torn Elmo book.  I can even deal with a decapitated Elmo doll…hmmmm…anyway, I can not deal with the willful violation of an innocent Partridge Family LP.  They have to learn sometime, right?

All in all, he did a good job and showed some restraint.  If he shows positive progress, we shall move on to the Archies.  Or perhaps the Banana Splits.  I think the Brady Bunch is a ways away, though.  Let’s not even think about the Bugaloos record…

When Things Get Rough

25 06 2008


Sometimes You Need Some Ziggy Stardust

24 06 2008

Hang On To Yourself

No Animals Were Harmed…

22 06 2008

The horse was not harmed.  See?  Here he is, all in one piece.  He’s mine from childhood.  He is Silver, the Lone Ranger’s trusted companion.  After Tonto, that is.  OK, I just wanted to stave off the inevitable attack from Toy-Animal-PETA.

I Had No Other Choice

22 06 2008

I begged him not to cross me. I told him that I would forgive many things, but betrayal was not one of them. He had to be taught a lesson. I had to send a message. One he would remember till the day he died…there were no arguments at nap time today.

Bubble Gum Groovy

21 06 2008

A college friend of mine, John Aselin, has a cool new music blog .  He is posting cover songs of bubble gum rock tunes for the summer.  The first one, Yummy Yummy Yummy, retains all of the infectiousness of the original, but adds a slightly weird Velvets vibe.  Groovy, man, groovy.