Love American Style

9 06 2008

Do you remember that episode of The Brady Bunch where Marcia secretly enters her dad into a newspaper contest for father of the year? She has to sneak around and, as a result, gets in trouble for not telling her dad what she has been doing. He eventually wins the contest and feels like dirt for being such a heel about everything. That is my dream for fatherhood – to be able to screw up and act like a caveman, but still have our kids love us.

I have two sons – one 2 years and the other 3 months. My potential for screwing up is mammoth. Every second of the day affords an opportunity. I “stay home” and take care of the little guys. When time permits, I run a collectibles store.

I am oddly intrigued by many different things, but I have a “problem” with old tv shows. At least that’s what my wife seems to be indicating through subtle, um, hints. I also love artifacts relating to said old tv shows – and movies, music, etc.

I will first attempt to keep up with this blog. I will then attempt to post photos of my sons with the afore mentioned artifacts. I hope this is fun or somewhat amusing. I hope for a lot of things.

Hello, Elmo?  There\'s a creepy ape watching me.




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