Tumble Dry Low

14 06 2008

This is not just my son in a laundry hamper, as it quite possibly may appear. This is my genius (patent-pending) get-my-baby-to-stop-crying-so-I-can-retain-a-fragment-of-my-sanity device. Picture this: it’s just another day at home with the boys and the wee one will not stop hollering. I am walking around with him and trying to assure my two-year-old that I, indeed, understand that the milk he is drinking is “cold” and “yummy,” when I notice the hamper filled with fresh-from-the-dryer goodness. It really did look quite comfy. Plop, in he goes…minutes later he is sleeping like a baby in a laundry hamper. While in the “seated on the couch” position – my favorite – I can easily jiggle him to sleep by placing my hands on the included handles and turning it like a steering wheel. Just make small turns, back and forth, like a nervous student driver. This method is called The Ralph Kramden (young ones ask your parents). Sometimes, I stand, bend slightly at the waist with arms hanging down, and swing back and forth, like I’m cutting wheat with a sickle. This method is called The Soviet Swing. With this one, it helps to imagine standing in a long line for a loaf of bread. Will keep you, um, posted.




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