Fading to black

20 06 2008

February 17, 2009. A day that I will look back upon with mixed feelings.  This is when the analog television signal goes away forever.  If you plug a vintage console in you will get nothing.  Just cold black empty void null space. Or maybe some delightful Poltergeist snow.  You wanna know what you won’t get? I’ll tell you.  You won’t get Mannix or Love American Style or The Man From Atlantis.  Well, I guess you could just hook up your VCR….Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy my Directv.  I just think it’s a little sad when things become obsolete.  I really loved my Odyssey game system, too.




3 responses

22 06 2008

Odyssey? I thought I was the only person that had that crazy Sears-knock-off-of-atari game system. Or was it from Montgomery Wards? Anyhoo…Bring back the Odyssey!!

22 06 2008

Yeah, it was Sears. Did you have Pick Axe Pete!?!

7 10 2008

thats for sure, brother

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