He’s A Rainbow

13 07 2008


The other morning, right after Mom had left for work, Noel starting taking out my vintage lunchboxes.  I soon realized that he was arranging them in one long colorful line.  He then proceeded to step through them.  Then he would make the line longer. Then step through them again. Rinse. Repeat.



I was really quite proud and fascinated all at the same time.  He then loudly proclaimed, “Rainbow!!”  Before I had kids I wondered what the big deal was.  Now I see that it is so many “little deals” that add up to an experience far too complex to explain, yet laughably simple. 






3 responses

13 07 2008

really, really cute.

13 07 2008

Michaelangelo got his start the same way, only he used lunch boxes made of rock.

17 07 2008

seeing those simple/complex things that he does every day never ceases to amaze me. he’s such a cool kid. we are so lucky!

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