The Maestro At Work

22 08 2008

DSC00830 I guarantee you that this child will create his own “teenage symphonies to God” for the enlightenment of the entire universe. 


P.S. Steven Spielberg…

20 08 2008

DSC00687 And another thing… I would have been such a better young Anakin Skywalker.  Don’t you have any pull with Lucas?

Hello, Steven Spielberg?

20 08 2008

DSC00895 Hello, Steven Spielberg?  Can we do something?  I think it’s time you did something really spectacular – and I’m your kid.  Let’s hit that outer space vibe again, whaddya say?  Alright, then.  Just holla back.

Save For A Rainy Day

20 08 2008

Since it has been pouring rain all day long, I put on the much ignored Jan & Dean LP, “Save For A Rainy Day.”jd This album is a little gem that was recorded when Jan was out of the picture due to Dead Man’s Curve.  Dean used members of the “wrecking crew” to get it recorded.  It is his “Pet Sounds” moment, although the LP is not nearly as good.  It is certainly not the Jan & Dean sound that you might be thinking of like, “Surf City” (penned by Brian Wilson) or “Little Old Lady From Pasadena.”  These songs, which are all bridged together with rain sounds, are like lo-fi nursery rhymes for groovy sixties people.  You can read more and take a listen over here.


18 08 2008

I was just watching E.T. The Extra Terrestrial on my television set.  It was at the part where E.T. starts to come back to life after being shriveled and white and frozen.  Elliott is jubilant.  E.T. shouts something in spanish. What?  I unknowingly had it on one of the spanish-language stations.  Truth:  E.T. speaking spanish is HILARIOUS.  Try this sometime with other favorite films.  Perhaps, Big Trouble In Little China.

The Resurrection Of Fred Sanford

18 08 2008

DSC00672 I am a guy that is into a lot of stuff. I collect a lot of stuff. Ask my wife. No, please strike that from the books immediately. Take me at my word when I say that I am very close to being Fred Sanford. Very close. I like old TV shows and old movies. I like old comic books and regular books. I really love old records and music things. I like old board games – especially if they are old television board games. I like things in categories and with varying waves of interest. I like beach party movies and old Disney stuff. I like the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew shows from the 1970’s. I like the Brady Bunch variety shows. I actually like them. I love using italics. I like mysteries. I like hard-boiled mysteries. I love blaxploitation. I like martial arts blaxploitation. I love rock and roll music. I love British rock and roll music the most. I love the Beatles the most of them. I like John the best of them. I like “Rain” and “I Am The Walrus” the best of his. I LOVE the Beach Boys. I love Brian the most of them. I Love “Pet Sounds” And “Smile” the best of his. I love alt-country music. I like Uncle Tupelo and the Old 97’s. Ryan Adams and Wilco. Willie and Waylon. And Davy Jones. You know I love the original Willy Wonka movie. Especially Violet Beauregarde. It goes on and on and on. Oh yeah, and Chuck Klosterman books. And the Velvet Underground. Did I mention Neil Young and Bob Dylan and the Kinks?

That face makes me forget it all.

Rock Me Diabeetus

18 08 2008

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