It Is Time For A New Generation To Take Diet Pills And Grow Sideburns

16 08 2008


God, please, don’t let the new 90210 suck like so many remakes that have come before it.  Please don’t try to reach the “extreme” market or the “reality” market.  Please let Steve Sanders be a part of the cast.  Please bring David Silver on the show for some updated dance moves. Please make an episode where one student might not be able to graduate because of an ill-advised bottle of champagne.  PLEASE bring back Mackenzie Phillips for another anti-drug talk.  This is all that I ask.  Oh, and please do an episode about the death of Andrea Zuckerman. That’s it.




3 responses

16 08 2008

ok, i totally didn’t remember you were a fan. chris actually had a lovely 90210 t-shirt. he might even still have it around. you know this new one is going to suck, there’s just no way it can’t. although i heard kelly is going to be on it as a counselor. chris is already psyched (see:, but i’m skeptical.

16 08 2008

I didn’t see an episode until after college. It was a day that changed my life…It probably will suck, but I am lying to myself very loudly. Thanks for the link. What the heck is a heckamobile?

17 08 2008

that’s a perfectly reasonable question, but i don’t truly know the answer. my best approximation for an equivalent phrase might be “what you talkin’ ’bout willis?” anyway, it’s a phrase our daughter invented and used to run around saying. she also used to tell us she was going to go “crazy bananas.”

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