I Have This Little Sister, Lola…

17 08 2008

DSC00892 I am ecstatic that our son loves books.  He is particularly into Lauren Child.   Most specifically, he is over the moon about Charlie & Lola, which is also an animated series.  Big brother Charlie is constantly having to guide whimsical Lola through life’s mine fields.  They are two quirky little British kids. Lola has an imaginary friend by the name of Soren Lorenson.  How hilarious is that?  Her actual friend is named Lotta.  Charlie hangs with a guy named Marv.  Lola loves pink milk and likes to imagine that a wide variety of animals are hanging out in her room.  She is partial to hippos, apparently.  Let’s be clear: Lola will never not ever eat a tomato.  She is not joking.  Don’t even try it.





One response

18 08 2008

My imaginary friends were Chickalee and Bizzaree. My mom comforted herself with the notion (ill-advised, I believe) that kids with imaginary friends were bright. I think I just needed someone to blame stuff on and someone to eat the spinach.

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