Retro Razor: Save Money, Save the Earth, Save Your Face

13 09 2008

razor I have, for the most part, loathed shaving ever since I felt required to do it.  It just always seemed like a thankless & repetitive job.  There was nothing there that I could rally behind.  Add razor-burn to that, and I have looked like an unshaven slacker for my entire adult life.

I have shaved every day for the last week.  I have looked forward to it.  I have even enjoyed it.  What?

Enter the Retro Razor and the world of wet shaving with a double-edged razor.  This is, most likely, how your grandfather shaved.  It is cheaper.  It is more earth-friendly.  It obliterates razor burn.  Interested?  I certainly was.  Roosevelt Ad

Chadd Bennett, proprietor of Retro Razor, was kind enough to send me a starter kit to review, as well as answer a lot of questions:

  • Will I cut myself to pieces?
  • Is it hard to find this stuff?
  • How long does one blade last?
  • Do I need special soap or shaving cream?
  • Will this really help with razor-burn?

After a week of shaving with the Retro, I have some answers:

  • The first few times I got a few nicks – nothing more than usual.  By the end of the week, I was only getting 1 nick at the most.  The trick is to not press down very much with the razor.  The blade is sharp – let it do it’s thing.
  • It is easy to find stuff on the internet – check out the Retro Razor Store for razors and accoutrements.
  • One blade seems to last for 3 shaves – you can get a 5 pack of blades for around $2.  Do the math – this is MUCH cheaper than buying those insanely expensive cartridge blades at the grocery store.
  • You can use regular shaving cream, but why not try something new?  There are a lot of soaps and creams out there that are a lot better for your face.  Why not have a little fun with this?
  • The coup de grace?  No razor-burn.  Period.


Added bonus – these blades are 100% recyclable, as opposed to cartridge blades.  Even the razor is recyclable, as it is only metal – no batteries, lights, plastic, etc.

Check out this starter kit, with everything you need to get going.

No sexism here – women use them too!




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