Here’s an election prediction for you: we lose by a lanslide.

19 09 2008

I was reading some of the various political blogs yesterday, and I came across an article about an “everyday” woman’s feelings about Sarah Palin. She said, “I want to murk that idiot c*nt.” Besides being a little confused about the specific meaning of “murk” in this sentence, but assuming it was not pleasant, I was struck by an overwhelming feeling that “hope” and “change” are truly beyond our grasp. My next thought was, “How is it that we deal with each other in such a dehumanizing manner when it comes to politics?” And all of this in an election where the term, “post-partisan” has been introduced. I don’t know about you, but my life is filled with people of differing political views & faiths – family, friends, etc. Some are “pro-choice” and some are “pro-life.” Some are vegetarians and some are not. Some are gay and some are not. Some are men and some are women. Some are right and some are left. Guess what? It’s ok.

How is it that we are hearing from some women that Sarah Palin isn’t even an actual woman? The women of this country can not even agree on what it is that makes them women? Gender identity is simply defined by political parties and stances on abortion? Really?? Is this a new litmus test for gender identity? If so, why are men not subjected to such a test? Does this apply to sexual preference, as well? Gay by choice and politics, instead of by genetic makeup? Since we are somewhat evenly divided on politics and only half of the people in our country vote, how can we possibly use politics as a yardstick for measuring the complex natures of our humanity? Are only half of American women actually women? Should someone tell them this?

Of course, I believe that we should all vote and be civic-minded. Vote for whoever you want to, but, if in the process, we dehumanize each other, what have we “won?” The more we hate, the more hate comes back to us. And this has nothing to do with politics.

This election will most assuredly be close and come down to swing states and people in the middle. People, like myself, that aren’t so sure that they can define someone’s gender for them. People that are turned off by hateful rhetoric and a “media” that is out of control. People that are revolted by racial slurs and the invasion of someone’s personal email account. People that are sickened by assaults on free speech and attacks on pregnant teens and babies with Down Syndrome.

The words of an old Uncle Tupelo song comes to mind: “Republicans, Democrats can’t give you the facts. Your parents won’t tell you until you’re grown. That every star that shines in the back of your mind is just waiting for its cover to be blown.”

Ok, the kids are up. Time for coffee. Time for hugs. Time for Handy Manny and Little Bill. Time for family.




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20 09 2008

We are polarized, and I don’t know if or when we will find our way back to being one people again. It’s not happening this year.

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