The Audacity Of Bragging

24 09 2008
Good morning.  I want to take this opportunity to brag about my 2 year old son, Noel.  He knows the difference between a stand-up bass and an electric bass guitar.  He can differentiate between a cello and a violin.  He says sand "sculpture" instead of sand "castle."  He can pick out basil from our spices.  Or paprika.  Or oregano.  He can recognize and name all 4 Beatles.  Last names, too.  He knows that Paul plays bass and that Ringo plays drums.  He asks for "Paperback Writer" and "Rain."  He names everything in the refrigerator, including salad dressing and baking soda.  He plays drums with real drumsticks and dons sunglasses before he picks up his guitar.  He picks up rectangular objects and pretends they're harmonicas.  He's never seen The Wiggles.  He knows all of the characters in his Pete's Dragon book, including, of course, Elliott the dragon.  He knows the San Antonio Spurs logo and can name all 5 starters from the 2007 championship team.  He's never seen The Wiggles.

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3 responses

25 09 2008

He is a dazzler. He will love it when the little man is old enough to discuss the relative merits of the Beatles and the Beach Boys.

25 09 2008

You know I can’t wait for that day to arrive.

30 09 2008

Does he still play accordion/place mats?

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